Youth & Children’s Choir

The Paducah Symphony Youth & Children's Chorus is the only children's chorus in the region to perform with a professional orchestra. The group consists of two ensembles; the PSO Children's Chorus (grades 3-8) and the PSO Youth Chorus (grades 9-12) and are chosen by audition to perform under the direction of Dr. Bradley Almquist and Ms. Samantha Veal. Performances include the PSO holiday concert, a winter concert, and spring concert. The ensembles also perform at various community meetings and events.


  • Dr. Bradley Almquist, Director of Choruses
  • Samantha Veal, Youth Chorus Director
  • Devonda Treece, Accompanist for Children
  • Malissa Heath, Accompanist for Youth
  • Cindy Poat, Coordinator

More than Singers

-Music Education

Teaching reading readiness through pitch & rhythm matching, Kodaly rhythm syllables, Solfege (movable do) with hand signs.

Teaching excellent diction.

Teaching harmony/ part singing through partner songs and songs in 2+ parts.

Teaching appropriate vocal production and development through posture, breath and vocalization.

-Cultural Education

Introducing children to the highest standards of western art music, music from other world cultures and American musical traditions.

Introducing children to standard singing texts in foreign languages.

-Personal Education

Providing children with a positive and creative means of expressing themselves through vocal music.

Developing self-esteem through hard work, achievement and success.

Developing a positive sense of individuality and personal responsibility within a group setting.